Trio of instrumentalists, composers, and creativists, leading personalities of the current Czech independent musical scene, engaged in the field of jazz, contemporary, avant garde, experimental and improvised music.

All musicians are both precise interpreteurs and explorers, philosophically close colleagues, working together in various bands and artistic projects.

For this recording session, initiated by Pavel Zlámal, they are meeting on the basis of intuitive communications and improvisations.


released February 2, 2024

Jakub Švejnar – drums
Pavel Zlámal – tenor & baritone saxophone
Jan Jirucha – trombon & tuba

Concept, instant compositions, dialogues, communications,
improvisations by Švejnar, Zlámal, Jirucha

Recorded at [dinn is not noise] recording studio, Brno (CZ),
14.2.2023 by Tomáš Vtípil

Mixed & Mastered by Tomáš Vtípil, August 2023 & October 2023, Brno (CZ)

Artwork by Adda Adowicz (2023)

Thanks to the mother Earth, and to the universal principle of greater consciousness, which not only allows, but leads us to the creative and compassionate humanity, and which still guards the world with a good will, whether we realise it or not, being always accessible for those who ask... (...don’t forget to ask)